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PubDate: 2014-10-15
Working Place:
Position category: Full-time
Number: 0
Educational Requirements: Unlimited    

 Job responsibilities:

1. Make research, definition, plan and design for products:
(1) Organize and conduct market research and formulate marketing plan.
(2) In accordance with the business situation and development targets, put forward product solutions or technical product requirements after communicating with team members.
(3) Complete the preparation of detailed requirement documents of the modules related to product function based on the overall planning.
(4) Carry out requirement verification for technology development results according to requirement analysis documents.

2. Manage the process and schedule of products:
(1) Determine the overall objectives of products, work out the work objectives, ideas and plans in each stage of R&D and arrange HR properly.
(2) Take charge in the overall process management on requirements analysis, system design, coding and testing.
(3) Organize submissions in the stage of R&D and ensure the products are submitted as per the schedule.
(4) Promote and manage the R&D effectively, including but not limited schedule, quality, process and resource allocation controls.

3. Others work required:
(1) Make self-summary on the R&D management and work methodology, and provide reasonable suggestions for the department.
(2) Take charge in implementing and promoting the R&D, ensuring R&D and testing fully meet the requirements and the quality of marketed products.

Job requirements

1. Bachelor above degree, computer or electricity related majors;
2. 4+_years’ experience in construction and management of informatization projects;
3. Proficient in informatization business requirements analysis and be capable of product planning;
4. Proficient in knowledge of management theory and have practical experience
5. Proficient in knowledge of project management theory, ability to use it in practical and optimize and improve it according to the practical situation;
6. Agree with the enterprise culture and support the building of the enterprise culture;
7. Good professional quality and work ethic;
9. Good communication skill and team spirit;
10. Good work efficiency under great pressure;
11. Experience in security industry preferred.

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