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 ① Failure to store the video
A. If a video cannot be stored, firstly, you should check the network smoothness, whether CVSS is online or the equipment is powered off, check whether the CVSS is connected through PING;
B. Then, check whether the CVSS space is enough;
C. Log in RM, click “Query” on menu and then “CVSS Disk Space Statistic”:

Figure 3.5-28 CVSS Disk Space Query

D. [Refresh] CVSS server;

Figure 3.5-29 Refresh CVSS Disk Space

E. Or log in the CVSS with SSH Secure Shell to check the disk space. Check related settings after making sure that it is connected to network and equipped with enough disk space.
F. Log in RM and extend “5_Vedio Management”-“Storage Server” under domain manager, select the corresponding CVSS storage server to check whether the camera in need of storage is in its work area, if it is not, the camera shall be included in the storage scope of CVSS.

Figure 3.5-30 Storage Server

G. Then, you can also check whether the user is entitled to store. Log in RM, extend “9_Workstation User Management”-“User Group Management” under domain manager to check whether user group the user belongs is granted the right to store the video.


Figure 3.5-31 Workstation User Management

H. Select corresponding camera to check whether the priority is available for video storing.

Figure 3.5-32 Priority

② Time of downloaded video out of synchronization
Time of downloaded video doesn’t synchronize with required download time,
A. Firstly, check whether the time of CVSS server, codec and RM sever are synchronized;
B. Check whether the time of NTP time configuration and RM2 (backup resource manager) are synchronized;
C. If not, please perform synchronization. Log in RM, Expand “10_ System Parameter Synchronization”-“Synchronization Time” under domain manager, select codecs and CVSS server to realize time synchronization.

Figure 3.5-33 Synchronization Time


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