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Failure to Normally Switch the Image or Control the Cradle Head with KBC


        Use KBC to switch image, if failed, please check the followings:
a. Check whether the data parameter KBC and keyboard used is the configured ones, e.g. baud rate;
b. Check whether parameters configured in serial port of KBC in RM are correct;
c. Check whether the data parameters have been synchronized;
        Check whether KBC has synchronized serial port information; if the parameters configured in RM are correct and the data parameters and serial port information are synchronized. Please try hardware decoding with CM, to see whether images can be created normally. If CM cannot build an image, please check whether the decoder or camera is connected to network. After normal hardware decoding of decoder, please try hardware decoding switch again using KBC. If the switch failed again, KBC can control the cradle head of ball machine after switching (It may occur when switching HD image with KBC), at that time, please check whether the URL value of corresponding button of camera is correct.

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