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Failure by Simulated Ball to Control Cradle Head with CM


① When controlling the cradle head, check whether the data indicator of data output port is blinking, and the data is being sent if it is.
② Log in RM to check the correctness of related configuration
Expand the “9_Workstation User Management” under domain manager, and click “Video Input Port” to select corresponding command button and view the following attributes:


Figure 4-12 Command Button Attribute

        Check whether the slot and port of data port, pam-tilt address, protocol and multicast address etc. are set correctly.
Expand “8_Parameter Management”, click “Data Parameter” to check whether the data parameter selected is correct as shown below:

 Figure 4-13 Data Parameter Setting

③ Data parameter synchronization
Expand the “10_ System Parameter Synchronization” under domain manager, click “Synchronization Data Parameter”, select corresponding codec chassis to synchronize data parameter

Figure 4-14 Data Parameter Synchronization

④ Check the camera cradle head and data control line etc.

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